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Verti Copenhagen’s purpose is to offer aesthetics and functionality in vertical solutions for a sustainable way of life

Verti Copenhagen’s modules can be combined in countless ways allowing you to create exactly the combination and function you want or can hang individually on your wall for a beautiful and simple look.


Verti office
Rikke & Jens Raecke

We want to empower creativity at home

Verti Copenhagen offers sustainable design that gives you the freedom to create personal, vertical solutions in a practical and beautiful way.

Verti Copenhagen design and produce wall modules in Denmark in an innovative plant-based material. In the design our aim is to fulfill Dieter Rams ten principles of good design.

Our innovative and aesthetic products give you the possibility to create a unique interior design.  Our module solutions can be used in a large range of ways. From green plant walls, storage in the office or as illuminated entrance furniture.

Verti Copenhagen gives you the opportunity to play with the interior design of your home in a unique, practical and beautiful way whilst considering the environment.

Verti Copenhagen was founded in 2012 by Rikke & Jens Raecke, who wanted to bring nature inside with a green plant wall.


Danish design

All our products have a streamlined and Scandinavian design with focus on quality. Danish design is centered around creating aesthetically pleasing products based on Scandinavian values such as functionality, simplicity and minimalism.

Our production

Get a glimpse into our production and how the Verti products come to life.
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