Green Wall Plants Indoor • Wall Pot System in BIO material

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Walk the Walk with sustainable interior design that clearly shows what you are standing for.

Do you wish to carry out a larger project either privately or as part of your business which involves a green plant wall where indoor climate goes hand in hand with better acoustics and space limitation?

Verti Copenhagen’s personalized modular system is the solution for you. According to scientists, there are no limits to the positive properties of plants for us humans. See for yourself below:
• Increase your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity
• Reduce stress, fatigue, sore throat and colds
• Help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen
Add life to a sterile room, provide privacy and reduce noise levels
• Are therapeutic to take care of (it is true when we say plants make people happy)

We can advise and guide you through the whole process from design and idea to installation, in every size and range desired. We also offer special colors to suit your unique needs.

Other companies we work with…
Scandic Hotels
Resilience House Vejle Denmark
Green Tech Center Vejle Denmark

Feel free to write us an email or call us at +45 2012 3647 for non-binding offer.


Get inspired
Some cases to get inspired by for your next project

Camping Plant Pot for ERIBA

Paustian Aarhus

Berlin Café

Dawn Exhibition – 3 Days of Design

City 2


Dental clinic in Paris

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Get 10% off your next order

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