Dental clinic in Paris • Verti Copenhagen
Dental clinic in Paris

Dental clinic in Paris

Dental clinic in Paris

Paris interior designer Valérie Benacin says

“I really enjoy working with Verti Copenhagen’s products, they give a function and design aspect to the places where I work.

Putting them in place turns out to be fun and zen.

I really appreciate the vegetal aspect of this staging which gives the visual a feeling of well-being.”

Location: Dental Clinic in Paris, France
Year: 2021
Products used: VertiPlants. VertiPlants Mini, VertiMirror and VertiLight.
Client: Valérie Benacin, interior designer (Paris)

Play with Verti Copenhagen

Valérie Benacin really enjoy play with Verti Copenhagen and brings nature inside in a stylishly way.

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