Environment and Responsibility

VertiPlants with leaves and windmill

Environment and Responsibility

Verti Copenhagen

With Verti Copenhagen’s creative design we aim to enhance people’s imagination and create functional and stylish décor through play with people’s own creative solutions. Our slogan? – “Play with Verti Copenhagen”.

Verti Copenhagen has a sustainable agenda. We want to be a brand that makes modular systems with quality products, all produced based on sustainable materials and great working conditions under production.

Through our sustainable modular system, in an innovative way, we will provide access to green areas and a better indoor environment. Our solution is for your home, especially those placed in urban areas where limited space often makes it difficult to incorporate plants into one’s interior.


We have succeeded in producing VertiPlants in biopolymer, which is a material consisting of 94% plant- and organic biomass materials, rather than traditional plastic. We are now able to say: “VertiPlants – Made From Plants.” This material lives up to our high-quality standards while it at the same time goes hand in hand with a sustainable production. For example, biopolymer consists of residues from potato chip production or residues from sugar production.

When can plastic be defined as bioplastics? Typically, a plastic material is defined as bioplastics when it contains at least 20% raw material from biological origin. According to the EU standard EN 16785, biomaterials are divided into a system where 20-40% bio-based content receives one star, 40-60% receives two stars, 60-80% receives three stars and over 80% will be given four stars (ALBIS PLASTIC Scandinavia AB, 2019).

The technical term for this type of biopolymer, is EU bio-approved with 4 out of 4 stars and is therefore 6% from being a CO2 neutral material. The material complies with the EU legislation of food, and you can therefore plant herbs or store fruits and vegetables in your VertiPlants without consequences. 

We want to spread the sustainable manufacturing technique to all our products, which is a long-term process. We therefore hope that within a few years we will only produce products in sustainable materials.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we ensure that the necessary precautions are taken for the working conditions at the production site, whether in Denmark or China. Furthermore, we have – where it’s possible – involved people with physical or mental disabilities in the manufacturing process e.g. in the production of VertiHygge. By doing this, we support the socio-economic workplaces and give employees the opportunity for a workplace with working conditions like everyone else, tailored to their needs.

Verti Copenhagen’s role in relation to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

As a company with a sustainable agenda, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a unique field of inspiration when going from inspiration to act.  

Verti Copenhagen contributes to a better indoor environment for the people who have plants in their VertiPlants. With this opportunity, Verti Copenhagen contributes to the development of sustainable cities and enables the establishment of more green areas in an innovative way, which is in line with target number 11 and 11.7 that seek to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (verdensmaalene.dk/maal/11).

The production plant in Denmark uses wind and solar energy for their consumption. The excess energy produced during production is diverted into the local city as a heat resource. With this and with the abovementioned choice of materials, Verti Copenhagen also contributes to goal number 12, which deals with responsible consumption and production.

Verti Copenhagen collaborates with aid organizations that support suppressed and vulnerable women and help them get a better start to a new life. Our products are sold all over the world, we work with local, sustainable production with sustainable materials and we support and work with good working conditions – and we are just getting started. 

How Will You Play With Verti Copenhagen?

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