At Verti Copenhagen we believe in individuality and functionality; values that we bring to life through creative design. Our products are innovative and high quality Danish design – and most often made in Denmark. We are looking to make your home more beautiful and give you a better indoor environment in a responsible way. In autumn 2018, we expanded our portfolio to new and different products, which lead to changing the name from VertiPlants to Verti Copenhagen. Our products can be used for a variety of purposes that allow you to bring nature into your home and customise your room with simple and practical designs. 

Our products are now sold in 16 countries and over 250 stores worldwide. 

Designer Rikke & Jens Raecke


Verti Copenhagen started as VertiPlants in 2012 and changed the name in 2018, after an expansion of the product portfolio. The current owners of the innovative design is the couple Rikke and Jens Raecke. All our products have an streamlined and Scandinavian design with focus on quality. Danish design is centered around creating aesthetically pleasing products based on Scandinavian values such as functionality, simplicity and minimalism.